Atlas needle

- Since 1974 with 100°é Turl‹ish capital, textile I‹nitting machine spare parts we produce and serve for the development of textile sector in Turkey.
- Since 2005, we have been exporting our wide product range to many countries.
- We are continuing our investments to serve sustainable customer satisfaction.
- Creating ualue for our customers, working on behalf of expectation with high quality and stability, and short lead of time are our prioritv It is our company's indispensable goals to take place beside our customers in all l‹inds of problems that mav arise after sales and to provide services to every region of the world with our .
- Atlas needle, with ISO 9001 Standard; aims to maximize customer satisfaction by implementing a management svstem that disciplines all relevant processes and sub-processes starting with customer requests and market research and extending to design, production and after-sales service. TlHl TEltS, an organization that can compete. with other competitors in the world market, continues to invest to become a good player of the global-marl‹et with its employees, customers, vendors and suppliers by documenting its standards.
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